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The Garmin Forerunner 630 - Taking running to a new level by Caroline Wostmann

“What was your average pace on your run this morning?” I ask my brother about his training run.

“It´s downloading now onto Garmin Connect” he responds.

I open my Garmin Connect app on my phone and check on his latest activity. “Nice run!” I respond, “4:03/km average pace with an average heart rate of 151bpm. You are getting nice and fit!”

“Thanks” He replies, “I reached a new VO2 Max reading of 66 on my Garmin this morning.” He is looking at my workout on the Garmin Connect app on his phone and replies, “Your run looks pretty solid as well, but your heart rate is slightly higher then usual.”

“I had a tough quality session last night”, I reply, “ My body is a bit tired but it should be back to normal by tomorrow”.

“Your form is looking great though,” he encourages, “great cadence, low vertical oscillation and low ground contact time indicates you are getting into peak form.”

It´s strange to think that a few years ago this conversation and analysis of our training was not possible. There was so much guess work. Now thanks to technology it is possible to asses the effects of training, to see if your form is good, and if you are getting fitter or over training. More importantly, is the motivational factor. Tracking, recording and analysing just makes getting out and doing that training run more fun!

After years of being a loyal Garmin fan and going through various models of Garmin I have just upgraded to the Forerunner 630. The additional functionality of this watch is remarkable. The standard functionality and stats of my previous Forerunner 620 are still present but the new features are of another level and exceeded my expectations significantly.

“In addition to the stats relating to cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, pace, HR etc of the Forerunner 620, the 630 now also allows you to analysis areas such as stride length, your ground contact time balance between left and right foot and your vertical oscillation ratio.

It was more than just the additional stats which impressed me. The watch is lighter with a larger screen and a longer battery life. It also connects to your phone and you can tailor the notifications it sends you. I find this function incredibly useful as I can see if any important emails or calls are coming through during my training without needing to stop and look at my phone. I can train in peace of mind that there is nothing urgent that I need to attend to. For those who prefer to leave their work behind for some peace and quiet during their training it is simple to turn the notifications off.

The watch is also perfect for everyday and full day use. The screen can be tailored to a style and info the suites you giving options of info including the time, date, weather and much more and well as providing various styles and looks to suite you.

I am thoroughly impressed with the versatility of this watch and highly recommend it. I must however mention that this watch is specifically designed for running and whilst it is also perfect for and gives options for cycling and gym work, it does not provide the necessary functionality for swimming. Should swimming be an integral part of your training routine I highly recommend using the multisport version of this watch. For runners, however, you cannot ask for a better watch.


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