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SERVICE ALERT - Mandatory Software update for Marine Chartplotters

Dear Garmin Marine Business Partner,

Please take note of the attached Service Alert.

Garmin has recently discovered an issue on Garmin echoMAP 50/70 series and GPSMAP 5x7/7x1/8x0/10x0 series chartplotters with software versions 6.00, 6.10, and 6.20, and Garmin GPSMAP 74xx series chartplotters with software versions 7.00, 7.10, and 7.20. This issue may cause the internal GPS to stop reporting accurate GPS position information. This issue will become apparent to the user under most circumstances because the speed and heading information reported by the chartplotter will not match the actual speed and heading of the vessel.

A mandatory software update (v6.30 for echoMAP 50/70 series or GPSMAP 5x7/7x1/8x0/10x0 series, and v7.30 for GPSMAP 74xx series) is currently available at no charge. This software update will correct possible GPS performance issues. Please contact all customers who have purchased the affected products from you and inform them that a software update is available. Garmin always recommends updating your device to the newest software version available. If you have questions about the software update or calibrating the device, please contact Garmin product support. Email or call 011 251 9800.

Please refer to the documentation link below with full details of the issue, resolution and how to update
the affected units.

    - Garmin Service Alert

Please feel free to contact your regional account manager if there are any queries.

Thank you for your continued support.

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