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Introducing the Garmin® echoMAP CHIRP Series

Entry-level combination units with built-in CHIRP sonar technology

Garmin are excited to announce the echoMAP CHIRP series – a new line of affordable chartplotter/sonar combination units with built-in CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP DownVü™ and SideVü, the clearest scanning sonar on the water. The new echoMAP CHIRP series offers support for Garmin Panoptix transducers and all units come standard with Garmin Quickdraw Contours, a new software feature that lets mariners instantly create personalized HD fishing maps with 1-foot contours on any body of water. With NMEA® 2000 compatibility1, the new echoMAPs can also receive information from sensors, engines, autopilots and more.

“With integrated CHIRP sonar, premium mapping options, built-in GPS, and support for Panoptix and NMEA 2000, the echoMAP CHIRP series is a powerful step forward in the evolution of combination units for anglers,” said Chris Gillitt, Garmin Southern Africa’s Marine Category. “We’re excited to bring these units to market and believe that they truly provide the best fishing experience possible, and at price points to meet the needs of the value-minded customer.”

Like previous echoMAP models, the CHIRP series is available in bright, sunlight readable 4”, 5”, 7” and 9” colour displays with an intuitive, keyed interface. All models are equipped with a built-in, high-sensitivity 5Hz GPS antenna that updates location and heading five times per second for extremely reliable position accuracy at all times.

For the clearest scanning sonar of fish and structure on the market, this new series offers built-in CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP DownVü and SideVü technology. Instead of just sending one single frequency, CHIRP sends a continuous sweep of frequencies and interprets them individually upon their return, creating crisper fish arches with better target separation. For anglers who want to see objects and structure below the boat, DownVü provides a nearly photographic view with excellent resolution and target separation in both freshwater and saltwater. The echoMAP sv models also add SideVü scanning for customers who want to see what’s located on both sides of the boat.

Additionally, the 7” and 9” echoMAP CHIRP models provide support for Garmin Panoptix, an all-seeing sonar. With Panoptix on board, fisherman can see real-time sonar imagery at video-like speed. It shows an image of fish swimming and moving toward or away from the boat – even while stationary – in real time and up to 100 feet away. The echoMAP CHIRP series will support all Panoptix models, including the new PS21.

A worldwide basemap comes preloaded on all models and they are compatible with optional BlueChart® g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision maps. BlueChart g2 Vision offers Garmin renowned Auto Guidance, 3D-views, aerial photos and more.
1Available in the 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch models.

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