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My Garmin fish finder is the most valuable tool - William Myers reviews the Striker 7sv

William Myers
Team Osprey – ’16 LBT

My Garmin fish finder is the most valuable tool I use every time I go out fishing. Without it, it feels like I’m wasting my time on the water and relying on luck to catch any fish. These modern fish finders have so many benefits and features and Garmin has found a way to pack all these features in a user friendly platform.

The biggest advantage is the time saved in finding where the fish are located. Even in dense structure like brush piles or standing timber the Garmin CHIRP transducer picks up where the fish are located. With the side view I don’t have to travel in zig-zag patterns along the bank to locate possible fish holding spots and never have to spook the fish while drifting over them. I have mounted my transducer on my trolling motor and can report that the side view also works if mounted on the trolling motor.

My fishing have improved dramatically from the day I started using the Garmin fish finder with multiple top 10 finishes proving that. I am confident that I can go to any unknown body of water and determine a working pattern for the day with my fish finder.

Garmin are also renowned for their GPS technology and I don’t have to worry about getting lost or losing my favourite spot.

Below is a screenshot showing a fish in 25ft water located with the fish finder near a 4ft drop-off. The two blue lines dropping down is my drop-shot lure. The fish can be seen following the bait after it passes the fish. On the right there is a faint red line coming up which indicates the hooked fish being brought up to the surface. Catching this fish would not be possible without a fish finder.

With the unpredictable weather we are experiencing and dropping water levels off shore fishing is the most reliable technique to catch a limit of fish on a tough day. This would be impossible without my Garmin fish finder. I can recommend Garmin for their amazing line up of fish finders available. They offer the most cost effective solution to making fishing more enjoyable and successful.

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