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Herman Geldenhuys - Reviews Garmin Quickdraw Contours at the Lowveld Bass Trail

Competitive Bass fishing over the past 10 years have become even more competitive. The main reason for this was the introduction of revolutionary technology like side scan, down scan and now Quickdraw Contours. Anglers spend less time looking for the best fishing spots and some of the secret spots you could never find. The playing field has probably never been this level with most top anglers using the best sonar’s available.

Herman Geldenhuys
Team Thermocline

So why do we still have some anglers constantly out fishing others? I believe applying the info and using it to its full capacity is the answer. Bass always relates to something at any given time, this can be bait fish, humps, drop offs, logs, grass, water temp or water depth to mention just a few.

Applying QD to my arsenal vastly improved my success rate in this cat and mouse game called bass fishing. The big secret is to be able to duplicate the specific thing the bass are relating to on the day.

Example: “If the fish relate to logs located close to some drop in bottom.” I will use my side view and scan the water I’m fishing and mark all the logs I find. This is where QD makes my life easy. I always make sure my QD is switched on and running in the background. We fish most of our dams more than once and with time, the detail of the maps created are impressive to say the least. I prefer running it as a background, as it can clutter the chart and make it difficult to see my waypoints when I’m actually getting to the fishing part. To get back to applying the info: In the example we are looking for logs sitting close to some drops, we manage to find them on side view but it’s difficult to see small drops on Side View and believe me, 2 feet in water levels is big when it comes to dialling in to that sweat spot. Once, if done with my scanning, I will unhide my QD and have a good look at my map and this is where the magic happens. All the waypoints (logs) sitting close to the drop in the correct water levels will be clearly visible. The contour lines are very accurate and one can clearly see even the slightest drop in depth. I will keep the points I want to fish and delete the rest.

This is just one of the many ways to use QD as a tool. The applications are endless. It’s made my life easier and helped me to eliminate unproductive water faster. I spend more time catching and that makes a big difference when one only have a few hours a month to do the thing we love most.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Garmin for the support in our provincial tournament trail.

“See you on the water!!!“
Herman Geldenhuys

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