Available for iPhone®
and Android


OpenCaching Overview: is a full-featured geocaching community powered by geocachers, for geocachers. With the official OpenCaching app, get the full experience right in the palm of your hands.

Search and Start Caching

Just open the app and tap "Find Cache." The nearest caches will automatically appear in street map or satellite view. The handy bulls-eye rating system lets you easily see a cache’s size, terrain ruggedness, difficulty and overall “awesomeness." Simply select a cache that’s right for you and tap "Go" to begin finding it — compass view will point the way.

Log, Hide and Share Caches

The app lets you log caches the moment you find them or easily upload new caches that you've hidden. Share your most spectacular hides and finds with your friends via email or text message (iOS and Android™), or via Twitter® and/or Facebook® (Android). We’re constantly adding new features based on your feedback to make the experience more fun.

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Network data charges may apply.

    - Offers a friendly introduction to geocaching
    - Searches for nearby geocaches
    - Filters caches based on cache type, difficulty, terrain, size and "awesomeness"
    - Shows caches on the map (street map or satellite view)
    - Reads cache descriptions, logs and hints
    - Includes compass view for navigating to the cache
    - Allows users to log caches as "found" right from the app
    - Marks caches as “favorites” for easy reference
    - Allows users to share caches with friends
    - Allows users to hide caches and add them from his or her phone
    - Allows users to access their complete account

Technical Specifications




    Available for download from iTunes.


    Available for download in the Google Play store. You can also find it in the Play store on your smartphone by searching for "Smartphone Link" or by capturing the QR code.