Varia™ RTL510

Part Number: 010-01951-00
Recommended Retail Price: R 3 499.00
ICASA Certification: TA-2018/1018


Varia™ RTL510 Features:

See and be seen, day or night

- Provides visual and audible alerts to warn of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 metres away
- Tail light offers daylight visibility up to a 1.6 km (1 mile) away and is visible within a 220-degree range, so
  drivers can see you well before the radar sees the vehicle
- Sleek vertical design easily mounts to most road-use bicycles, including racing, touring and commuter styles
- Requires a dedicated radar display unit (sold separately) or wirelessly integrates with compatible
  Garmin devices¹
- Battery life: up to 15 hours in flashing mode or 6 hours in solid or night flash mode

Ride smarter and more aware with Varia™ RTL510 rear-view radar. Mounted neatly on the seat post, it provides visible and audible alerts for vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 metres away. Plus, the bright tail light is visible in daylight from up to 1.6 km (1 mile) away, so you can ride with confidence and peace of mind.

This sensor has your back

While out on a ride, you have to keep track of everything. What’s your route, how far you’re going, how fast and how hard you’re going to push it. But with Varia radar along for the ride, it’s like having eyes in the back of your helmet. It’s essentially an early warning system so you see cars approaching from behind and ¬ they see you.

Safety in numbers

Varia™ RTL510 rear-view radar is just one part of cycling awareness. When paired with compatible Garmin devices the system helps to create safer riding conditions by alerting riders to vehicles approaching from behind. Green light? All good. Amber light? A vehicle is approaching. Red light? Take care - a vehicle is approaching at high speed. Ride safe.

¹COMPATIBLE DEVICES: Edge 1030, Edge 130, Edge 25, Edge 1000, Edge 810, Edge 820, Edge 520, Edge 520 Plus, fēnix 5S/5/5X Plus, fēnix 5S/5/5X, fēnix Chronos, Forerunner 735XT, Forerunner 935, Varia Vision In-sight Display, vivoactive 3 and vivoactive HR.


Technical Specifications

    Physical specifications
    Dimensions: 98.6 x 19.7 x 39.6 mm
    Weight: 71.0 g
    Modes: solid, night flash, day flash
    Lumens: 20 solid, 29 night flash, 65 day flash
    Battery life: 6 hours solid, 6 hours night flash, 15 hours day flash
    ANT+®: yes
    Water rating: IPX7
    Viewing angle: 220°

Technical Specifications


What's in the Box:

    Device only
    - Varia RTL510
    - Mounting kit
    - Cables
    - Documentation

Accessories for the Varia™ RTL510

Varia Universal Seat-post Quarter Turn Mount
Part No: 010-10644-12

Carrying Case
Part No: 010-10718-01

Quarter-turn Bike Mount
Part No: 010-11430-00

Replacement Bands
Part No: 010-11430-01

microUSB Cable
Part No: 010-11478-01

USB Power Adapter
Part No: 010-11921-17

Varia Remote
Part No: 010-12094-20